Vendor Access Management Is A Nightmare For Business, IT, and Security

Too Much Technology ,Too Little Automation

Oort Provides All The Components of a Secure Vendor Access Program in One Platform

Unlike vendor access programs relying on siloed solutions cobbled together with spreadsheets, ticketing systems and security point products. Oort is a unified cloud-based platform with automated workflows spanning business, IT and security to remove the cost and complexity of vendor access lifecycle management. 

            Simple Scalable Secure

Oort Provides All The Components of a Secure Vendor Access Program in One Platform

  • Intuitive self-portal empowers business users to initiate, modify, and decommission access and provides dynamic tracking and reporting functionality to improve business agility and reduce compliance burden
  •  Software-as-a-Service Single platform for networking and security- no hardware to install or manage, no integration nightmares, no need to configure WANs, VPNs, Firewalls, Appliances Agents CASB, IDS...
  • Turnkey security with built-in SOC and threat intelligence to offload IT and Security burden
  • Distributed and resilient always-on high performance architecture using Oort's network of 100+ securely managed global locations -no single points of failure, no DDoS

Avoid the pain of cobbling together a vendor access program. Oort is the program and the solution, a precise cross-section of security tooling.


Replaces manual spreadsheet assessments and back-and-forth email


Replaces or augments workflow tools and ticketing systems 

Identity & Authentication

Replaces PAM solutions and constant directory changes

Access Control

Replaces VPN ,VDI and RDP infrastructure

Activity Monitoring

Replaces DLP and Session Recording

Analysis, Alerts, & Reporting 

Replaces manual forensics and complex SIEM queries


Replaces manual data collection to prepare for audits

Protect against the risk of business interruption through vendors who support your organization's critical functions.

Onboard in Days Not Months

Assessments - select from a list of pre-configured industry assessments based on standards like NIST 800-53, or craft your own. Set assessments as a pre-requisite to vendor and third-party engagements. Oort streamlines initial answers, reviews, and approvals. Beyond the checklist, Oort can integrate with third-party automated assessment tools for a complete view of vendor security posture. Identity and Authentication - stop polluting internal systems with vendor accounts. Oort bridges vendor and client identity systems via SAML or custom integration. Every user and resource is assigned a unique identity. Every user and resource is authenticated before they can access any resources.  Access Control - strictly control access to application and data based on identity and zero-trust principles. Oort makes it simple and secure to limit resource sharing outside your organization with vendors and third-parties.

Gain Visibility and Control 

Activity Monitoring - controlling access permissions is not enough to stay secure. Oort logs every session as well as every configuration change. Activity timelines make it easy to see how users and resources behavior over time. Analysis, Alerts, & Reporting - raw activity logs are hard to decipher. Oort takes care of highlighting unusual behavior through sophisticated analysis. SIEM integrations make it easy to keep all events in one location. Complex report generation can provide weekly, monthly, or annual snapshots of vendor activity. Additionally, risk scoring helps prioritize vendor reviews. Auditing - every action is logged by Oort, including approval workflows, making it simple and clear to show compliance with internal processes and external regulations.

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The Future is Now!

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The majority of cyber attacks exploit vendor access, so to protect your business from disruptions, it's more important than ever to improve third-party security. Get the turnkey solution for securing your digital supply chain: the complex web of vendors, suppliers, partners, third-parties, and service providers on which your business depends. 

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