Vendor Access is Mission Critical – and a Liability!

Vendors have become highly connected and integrated with critical applications and infrastructure. And security breaches, due to third parties, are rapidly on the rise. Yet, today’s vendor access processes can be unwieldy, costly, and often ineffective, which is why you need a robust program to reduce risk.


Learn how to achieve business agility and security

A modern vendor access program that’s scalable and secure requires a programmatic approach to aligning people, processes, and technology across business owners, IT, and Security.  7 Critical Requirements for  Building a Vendor Access Program - Securing Third-Party and Vendor Access will step you through how vendor access can be handled in an efficient, streamlined way, without putting critical assets at risk.

In this guide we will explore:

  • Key trends and challenges affecting vendor access 
  • Common vendor access pitfalls to avoid 
  • The seven steps you need to follow to secure your business

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