Third-Party Access and Security Made Simple

Cost-effectively connect vendors and other third parties to the applications they need – in days, not months.

Third-parties account for more than half of all data breaches across distributed companies and cost more per compromised record than in-house breaches.

— Ponemon Institute

the Oort Fabric

a turnkey platform for securing and connecting your digital supply chain: the complex ecosystem of vendors, suppliers, partners, and third parties on which your business depends.


Seamlessly attach your cloud and legacy applications and data to the Oort Fabric. 


Grant least-privilege zero-trust access to third-party users and devices. 


Continuously analyze third-party behavior and dynamically assess third-party risk.


of organizations report their digital ecosystem contains more third parties than it did three years ago.


of organizations are now working with more than 1,000 third parties. 

— Gartner


report that their third-party network will expand even more in the next three years.

Collaboration tool

Third-party Access and Risk Management in a single tool.

Offload the problem of assessing and on-boarding third parties.

  • Remove Complexity - a single interface for external connections
  • Lower Costs - offload your team and throw out ineffective products
  • Scale Quickly - connect third parties in hours instead of weeks
  • Report Success - instant reporting for compliance and executive summaries

The Oort Fabric enables seamless B2B connectivity.

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